We believe that in order to get the best performance of splitboard it has to be designed and made as two pieces. Both skis have to work well when separate to get the most of the ascend, save splitboarders energy and avoid uneven feel under foot while going uphill. We know well that comfortable ascend can make your day out splitboarding even better. We love the feeling when it finally gets to riding. Swift transition from skis back to board mode, strap in and enjoy the ride. That´s where you can rely on our splitboards performance. It´s simple. We don’t just cut snowboard in half. We make splitboards, not adapt snowboards! Based on our experience and years of development we are aware that there´s not one board construction which will fit all. Options are endless, and so is variety of terrain to be ridden. We have the pleasure to meet and share our experience with all kinds of riders. Riders with different skills and attitude towards splitboarding. That is why we offer four types of construction. Tip to tail wood core is our standard. We use Paulownia or Poplar wood while trying to reduce use of plastic as much as possible. That is why certain boards have wooden sidewalls instead of usual poly urethane. Feeling wood is good. Most of the boards in our line come with carbon, fiber glass or wooden top sheet...no plastic. In order to support sustainability of our project we choose suppliers from literally around the corner. All of production is done in house. It helps us to control all the production processes from the very beginning, and therefore ensure the highest quality of the finished product. In the upcoming season our focus stays the same, to build versatile splitboards that can tackle any terrain (yeah even groomed runs!), that perform exceptionally well skinning up as well as charging down the mountain. We continue to work on developing 3rd generation of our super light carbon splitboard. By incorporating state of the art X carbon technology in the process we managed to shave off substantial amount of weight and build one of the lightest boards on the market. For the deepest powder days there is our surf-snow project Capitan. Strapped or unstrapped, it is all about flow. Welcome on board.

Gara splitboards connects passionate people together, doesn’t matter what they do or who they are.


GARATECH our state of the art technology, this is what we want ...

Premium X Carbon is our solid construction based on triax carbon/fiber glass, reinforced by carbon stringers. We begin where some other brands ends.

Tech X Carbon construction takes advantage of our triax carbon/fiber glass with special raw glass top sheet added to the mix. It´s all you need if you’re looking for high performance and light weight splitboard.

Wood X Carbon, is based on Tech X construction. Top sheet is from Veneer. Its capacity to absorb vibrations makes the board ride very smooth plus it looks real good! “Feeling Wood” The top sheet can be treated with epoxy or simply waxed to keep the snow out of the surface and let you float.

SL (Super-Light) is our lightest construction. We´ve been making carbon splitboards for five years now and every year we manage to build our carbon board so it provides more comfortable and smooth ride than last years .But don’t be fooled! This toy isn’t for everyone! It´s construction


CLASSICK 155,161,167

Classick is our everyday shape. As already mentioned in the previous seasons, we are looking for a concept of one versatile board. Splitboard that will take us on a comfortable energy-saving hike and wild freeride, while being enjoyable on the slopes like any regular solid board. This board will be well appreciated by all carving lovers. Youknow, for those who love waking up early to catch the first chair and enjoy groomed slopes. We will never stop improving our boards further. Not even our basic model CLASSICK. That´s why we are happy to introduce a new core for this splitboard with the main focus on improvement of touring and skiing mode.

Picking up this board is a safe bet!

Classick Lenght Ef.Edge Run. Lenght Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Sidecut R. Setback Stance Width Cam. Tapered R.weight
155 1550 1180 1140 294 240 282 7100 30 490-590 4 12 50-70Kg
161 1610 1220 1180 304 252 296 7600 30 510-610 4 8 65-85Kg
167 1672 1270 1230 316 264 308 8100 30 530-630 4 8 75-95Kg

DUCK 158,162

The Duck board evolved from the Classick. It is again super versatile board, convenient for touring, backcountry freeriding as well as for slope carving. But this time, according to our riders wish, we fine-tuned the stance to center and used more or less twin core for a bigger pop. We kept a slightly longer nose, which makes the regular ride more comfortable but doesn’t annoy when going backwards. Like Classick, the board has fine tune touring mode which is very well balanced. Improved skinning mode will be ready when you need it.

This board is the best choice for freestyle obsessed riders.

Duck Lenght Ef.Edge Run. Lenght Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Sidecut R. Setback Stance Width Cam. Tapered R.weight
158 1580 1190 1150 298 252 298 7800 25 510-610 4 0 65-85Kg
162 1240 1220 1180 307 260 307 7900 25 530-630 4 0 75-95Kg

RANGER 152,158,163

Ranger board is our highlight for this season. It is a splitboard designed and created from 0. It reflects five years experience of splitboard designing, testing and user’s feedback. Ranger is for riders looking for directional, stable and smooth board. Ranger won´t burn your back leg but yet doesn‘t require big back stance. This is the secret of Ranger´s stability even when going full speed. The story is simple. We used cut rocker tail with a pintail shape, made the nose bit longer, developed an mellow nose rocker (someone may call it as well S rocker) and made a bigger side cut radius to keep the board calm in high speed. But don’t worry, because of the rockered tail the board still turns very easily. When thinking about the right length for your board, definitely look more at running edge rather than the total length. Basically pick board 5cm shorter compare to your regular board. Ranger will perform very well on the slope but its day will come with the powder.

Ranger Lenght Ef.Edge Run. Lenght Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Sidecut R. Setback Stance Width Cam. Tapered R.weight
152 1519 1120 1080 289 245 279 8000 30 490-590 4 10 50-70Kg
158 1580 1180 1140 299 255 289 9000 30 510-610 4 10 65-85Kg
163 1630 1210 1170 311 265 301 9000 30 530-630 4 10 70-90Kg

CAPITAN 156, 147

Capitan is snow surf, best gun for powder days! Capitan will also work well on the spring slushy slopes.Shape based on S rocker in the front and slow rocker in the back. Small camber’s been kept between inserts in order to have Capitan under control at all times. Pintail option makes board more stable when landing big powder ollies. Capitan can also be finished by fish tail, to slash every tiny corner. Board can be ridden with or without binding, it is up to you.
Fun is guaranteed.

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