" Collective of chaotic independent individuals connected by pure passion for splitboarding and development of splitboards. "


Ota Tyl (Founder of Gara Splitboards)

Prague, Czech Republic

Snowboarder with an eye for detail, precision and special ability to transmit the mixture of long riding experience with passion into design of splitboards. It is Ota together with his family and friends who are the only and the best power unit of the entire project.



Míra Kube (Gara Ambassador)

Tavascan – Pyrenees, Spain

Passionate photographer and splitboarder who is living his dream in the cabin hidden in the Pyrenees mountains. Míra is helping us out with the development of Gara Splitboards brand and promotion of splitboarding.

BLOG , WEB: www.splitunite.net


Proti Větru / Against the Wind (Gara Ambassador)

Fun band of friends in love with the never ending escapes to the places where monotony of every day life is being changed into dreams.



Refugi Saboredo (Gara Ambassador)

Pyrenees, Spain

Saboredo splitboard area is a unique project formed by passionate splitboarders who decided to live up in the mountains and promote splitboarding. Refugi Saboredo cabin sits in the altitude of 2310m above Vall d´Aran valley in Pyrenees. Sorounded by amazing terrains Saboredo is a prime destination for splitboarding experience.



Oksana Chekulaeva (Gara Ambassador)


Member of Russian Mountain Guide Assotiation with more than 70 successful ascends to Elbrus and some over 6000m peaks in Bolivia, Pamir, Himalaya and many first descends in Caucasus mountains.  Paraglide pilot and photographer. As Oksana says “for me snowboarding is freedom”.

BLOG, WEB: whitepeaks.ru


Split Unite (Gara Collective)

Project which aims to open the world of splitboarding to others. In other words... Bunch of friends who´s  having fun traveling and drawing lines into fresh powder on the slopes around the world.

BLOG , WEB: www.splitunite.net


Honza Koukol (Gara Collective)

Prague, Czech Republic




Jára Sijka (Gara Collective)

Revelstoke, BC, Canada











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