GARA Russia: first backcountry trip to Abkhazia

Hi! We just back from the first backcountry trip of the season in Abkhazia. And I would say huge thanks to you and all Gara Collective for the equipment I had. Truly to say I was very impressed with all kit. Everything work just perfect. Splitboard is very maneuverable and work like a solid board, stable on landings, full control in steep and hard snow and surf in powder. It's looks you make genius splitboard and I can't dream for better board.
All the rest is just perfect and I'm happy to recommend this splitboard for all my friends and clients!!! 
Many thanks!!
Oksana Chekulaeva
Чекулаева Оксана

30.12.2015 08:34

Autor: Oksana Chekulaeva

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