Gara boards company is specialised in the development and manufacture of high performance splitboards and snowboards. All of our splitboards are designed and manufactured as a pair of skis, which are then carefully combined to create a unique splitboard. This  manufacturing process ensures that our splitboards are perfectly balanced for the best possible performance on the approach as well as on the way down. The combination of triaxial fiberglass combined with full Biax carbon layers make our boards fun and comfortable to ride  and yet at the same time torsionally stiff (controlled by the carbon layer) . This layup when combined with a Pauwlonia wood core creates a very light deck. We also offer full glass boards with Carbon Kevlar stringers which provide a more dedicated surf style feeling for those that prefer, riding a Gara splitboard feels like riding a solid snowboard, without compromise. Wrapping the entire edge of our boards protects them from unexpected impacts and the exposed nose/tail clips and hooks are additionally re-enforced for longevity.  Our goal is to produce high performance, fun to ride and durable boards with minimal environmental impact, where possible we always use eco friendly manufacturing techniques and local sustainable suppliers. 

“My snowboard line is dedicated for carving and snow surfing, during the last two seasons I was playing alot with the profile of the wood core and trying to balance it with the laminating to give each of my boards a unique feeling. Should you have any further questions or ideas for improvement please do not hesitate to contact me.”  -Ota Tyl-


The New ENDURO is a super, fun-to-ride, all-around splitboard. It was born from a simple concept - combine the two previous boards Classic and Ranger into one new model. Based on a super light Paulownia wood core, 4 layers of carbon and glass laminate deliver torsional stiffness whilst maintaining a fun flex. Geometry wise, our mid length nose follows a reverse radius enhancing the rail to rail ability especially in hard pack conditions. The sidecut radius choosen for this board enables it to be fun and easy to ride even at lower speeds, this radius has been moved back slightly towards tail in order to deliver more precise control over the board. The Enduro has an early rising nose with slight rocker translating into great and easy to control float in powder with precision control on the hardpack. It’s longer tail makes for comfy switch stance riding and more controlled landings whilst bombing drops. We’ve also shifted the camber forwards under the front foot to better balance the ride and control whilst wearing heavily loaded back-packs. The profile of the Enduro is relatively close to that of a twin tip design but still softer on the nose down to the rocker. Making a board that’s super stable at high speed, whilst maintaining a rockered nose for that all-around directional feeling was the goal. Completly new for this season is Enduro in size 168.

SAFARI is a surf-splitboard without compromises. Overall softer tuning guarantees super “fish” feeling of movement in open terrain or in the woods. A generous nose guarantee float in all types and depths of powder no matter if in Europe or Japan. It’s my inspiration from Japan that influenced the development of this board. Do not be confused by the length of this board. Safari’s waist width is 268mm. That is sufficient buoyancy even for Hakkaido’s pow conditions. The board is designed with the pin tail that will “hold you in the saddle” in the quick fish turns even with the loaded back pack. The core is designed with special surf shape for the optimal flex and torsion in relation to it’s long nose. Tail is slightly softer for better pop and that make the board to speed up in the turns. Low camber under front foot helps with the control of the board and make the skinning easier. Yes, you are right. Safari is not the board for every day riding. Still I think that it is the ultimate board to have for those days that make our season epic.-Ota Tyl-

The RANGER is the ultimate tool characterised by an extended effective edge. A very long reverse radius in the nose when combined with a large sidecut radius guarantees precise control over the board at all times. Our long nose adds to the lateral “surf” profile and delivers the ultimate “floatibility” in the soft pow whilst at the same time the short tail guarantees swift direction changes and fast-swing for tight, tree funriding. Our unique X-construction composed from 4 layers of Carbon and glass and a full paulownia core balances the torsional properties well yet maintains an optional flex pattern across the exceedingly light deck. Overall the stiffness of the board remains similar to the previous models however a slightly softer tail improves POP immensley. Combine everything and the new RANGER  delivers plenty of stability for landing drops and ollie bombing.

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