ENDURO snowboard is based on the shape of his successful splitboard brother with construction adjusted to become an ultimate freeride solid board. What are the differences compared to the splitboard version?  For sure core, I picked combination of Poplar and Paulownia wood, where Poplar adds responsiveness and stability to the board. Flex is fine tuned to twin feeling as I expect, this board will be used regular way as well as switch. As the nose is rockered, final feeling is directional and smooth.

For those, who jump into to challenging couloirs, this flex will help to control landings of drops and jumps on the front foot and will keep them balanced even when carrying a heavy backpack. For strong edge control I used triaxial glass construction with more fibbers lines in +-45 direction and I added carbon kevlar cross stringers. This creates super stability and grip on the edge but keeps smooth flex for powder. For those who want even bigger performance, I have my pro carbon-glass construction dedicated to “G” charging riders, when they carving or for those, who challenging them self in test, what steepest couloir they can still ride. Generally, Enduro is my most versatile board, doesn’t matter what construction you choice.



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