Short-Wide snow skate


Ranger XS is my new board for everyday splitboarding. It shares the story and shape with the solid Ranger XS, but the construction was reworked to a be a proper splitboard. This board was designed for creative riders, for whom just riding straight down is not enough. Let the boundaries of your splitboarding melt with your imagination. Or just for those, who want  just wide and easy going nimble board. The core is clear Premium Poulownia, to push the weight down as much as possible, but keep the “wood feeling”. The profile of the core is different compared to the solid board with the same goal, make the board twin flex feeling, even with a longer rockered nose and super short tail. As the board is wider, you can ride it shorter than your regular board. Longer rockered nose keeps you lifted above the snow and short tail makes the board super nimble. Twin flex feeling will help you stay relaxed and distribute weight to both feet as short tail keeps the board sit on the tail anyway. This flex balance will as well help you control your landing on the front foot when you are carving overloaded backpack. Generally, even is twin flex, the rocker nose make board feel smooth and directional. As it is wider board, I recommend to you crampons on your trips as it can get challenging skin sideway on icy parts. We can’t change physic and the the aim of this board is to have fun when we go down. I don’t want to change shape of this board, because this and any way, we have already board for this purpose, Standard Ranger. Anyway, for those who prefer this shape but need more performance on icy parts, there is an XC version. Carbon-Glass construction which coverts this fun board to a carving machine.

Skate it all.


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