Shipping policy

Terms of delivery

Most orders are shipped on the day of receipt, except weekends. If the goods are in stock, the maximum time for delivery of 5 working days, in case extension of delivery period you will be informed in writing. Delivery will take place on weekdays during normal working hours.

 The price of shipping

When paying on-line by card: Czech Republic  3,- EUR

Zone 1 -12 Euro

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom

Zone 2 - 30 Euro

Croatia, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

Zone 3 - 50 Euro

Canada, United States

Terms of Payment

Cash on delivery, on-line by card.

  When paying cash on delivery: + 30,- CZK / 2,- EUR

Acceptance of goods

Customer or consignee of the goods is obliged to check the integrity of the container, and whether the consignment does not show obvious signs of damage. The customer should in their own interest to check the accuracy of the delivered goods and, if irregularities refuse acceptance of the shipment, carrier and ask for delivery next working day and in the meantime the problem to consult with the operator. Otherwise, it runs the risk of unnecessary delay in resolving any problem. In case of damage or other discrepancies after receipt of shipment, the customer must immediately contact the service shop. Unless the customer ordered a consignment, the operator causes damage (postage, shipping and handling), which will then be enforced through civil law.

Shop address:

(Address for returns)

Gara Shop

Stroupežnického 21, 150 00 Praha 5

Phone: ‭+420 737 300 092‬



Invoice address:

Boardbox s.r.o.

Stará 250

Průhonice - 252 43

IČ: 24727806

DIČ: CZ24727806


ČSOB a.s., CZK: 254 964 010/0300, EUR: 254 964 862/0300

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