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Warranty terms and Complaints

All goods, the guarantee of 24 months. Claim may be in our shop on production of the warranty card or proof of purchase. The warranty period is extended by a period during which the product is in warranty repair. The claim expires in contravention of conservation or seal, improper installation, operation or treatment, using the product under conditions which do not meet the conditions specified in the instruction manual. Seller assumes no liability for damages resulting from the operation of products, functional properties and damage resulting from improper use of products as well as damage caused by incorrect handling. The origin of this defect are not covered by warranty.

The clothing also serves as an invoice warranty. The warranty is also void, if the warranty card has been changed, removed or illegible serial number or product name. Defective goods must be delivered to us with a written notice of defects properly specified, which must also include the option buyer's claim under the Act, will claim otherwise deemed invalid. Seller will consider complaints in accordance with guidelines established by the manufacturer of the goods or his representative, respectively manufacturers of such goods sent for processing and expression. The goods under complaint must be sent properly packaged against damage during transport. Must the accompanied by original proof of purchase in the on-line store GARABOARDS.COM. The cost of postage claimed goods away from the customer is a customer. In the case of a positive settlement of the complaint is sent to him repaired or replaced product back to store costs. Maximum execution time of the complaint is legally set at 30 days. In any case, do not accept damaged shipments ! All shipments are sealed security tape, so in case of violation stickers refuses to accept delivery !

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