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Enduro is a freeride versatile splitboard with a directional shape and rocker nose and pintail. Radius is mid-sidecut, ensuring stability at high speed. Between nose and tail, the radius is connected with a reverse radius which ensures a proper tilting from edge to edge. 

The profile is made with camber, where the peak is under the front foot, with progressive rocker nose and light rocker tail. This profile guarantees control on a tough surface and at the same time ensures an easy control while on a powder. Design of the tip comes from a “fish” board but it is shortened for a better balance and manoeuvrability. The pintail ensures a swift control in tough terrain while staying stable at a high speed or drops with a loaded backpack.

By moving your bindings on inserts you can make a freeride board (2,5 backstance) or a fish board (5,0 backstance). 

The core of Enduro is made out of a mix of Paulownia and Poplar wood, this ensures super lightweight and durability. The toughness of the core graduates under a front foot which makes it easy to manipulate the board at a tough terrain or after a drop landing. The tail is little softer to ensure the right control and pop for an olli. Thanks to a rocker nose the final flex is neutral and balanced. Enduro comes in all tree technologies: X, H and C.

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