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Safari is a surf orientated splitboard without compromise. Its overall softer tuning guarantees a super “fish” feeling of movement both in open terrain and in the woods. The long nose guarantees float in powder. Don’t be confured by the lenght of this board. It is shorter but the waist width compensates for that so the surface is the same as with longer models. 

This splitboard offers plenty of buoyancy even for Hokkaido’s silky powder conditions and the pintail will hold you in the “saddle” through the quick fish turns even with a fully loaded backpack. The board has a unique surf shape giving you optimal flex and torsion in relation to it’s extended nose. The tail is slightly softer for better pop and acceleration through turns. 

Camber under the front foot helps with control of the board and greatly improves the ease-of-use when skinning. Even though it is a surf board, you can use it as a universal tool as is proven by our Ambassadors - many chose this model as their only one.



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