Gara boards company is specialised in the development and manufacture of high performance splitboards and snowboards. All of our splitboards are designed and manufactured as a pair of skis, which are then carefully combined to create a unique splitboard. This  manufacturing process ensures that our splitboards are perfectly balanced for the best possible performance on the approach as well as on the way down. The combination of triaxial fiberglass combined with full Biax carbon layers make our boards fun and comfortable to ride  and yet at the same time torsionally stiff (controlled by the carbon layer) . This layup when combined with a Pauwlonia wood core creates a very light deck. We also offer full glass boards with Carbon Kevlar stringers which provide a more dedicated surf style feeling for those that prefer. Riding a Gara splitboard feels like riding a solid snowboard, without compromise. The edge wrap all the board in order to protect it from the impacts . The most exposed parts of the splitboard as nose and tail clips, hooks are additionally reinforced. By producing high performance, fun to ride and durable boards I would like to keep down the additional impact on our environment as low as possible. If it is possible I always prefer local suppliers and use of the eco friendly materials . My snowboard line is dedicate for carving and surf snow. Last two season I was play with profile of wood core and balance it with glass layers in order to give to each my board unique feeling. Should you have any further questions or ideas for improvement please do not hesitate to contact me.  -Ota Tyl-


Our boards are handcrafted

GARA has control over the whole production proccess

We select the used materials

We do the research and development 

We assist the production proccess  

We test the boards

We make them with love



Our boards are made in different constuctions. Each reflects slightly different expectations and requirements of the rider.


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