Carver is the everyday snowboard

for those wanting a nimble, agile, versatile board. Easy to Carve, easy to flow in powder,nimble betwen trees.

Triaxial Glass construction with Carbon stringers

The camber provides full control on the edge and in straight-line riding, the rocker at the tip promotes quick edge-to-edge changes on hardpack and ensures easy flow in powder.

The board's smaller radius can make for stronger and tighter turns.
The board is tuned to be softer overall, so it's comfortable for all-day riding and easy to handle in powder.

11.990,00 Kč
 Shape Size Length Radius Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Eff. Edge Taper WeightRange
Carver 153 1530 7400 294 246 282 1120 12 50-65 Kg
Carver 159 1590 7900 306 258 294 1160 12 70-85 Kg
Carver 164 1640 8200 314 266 302 1190 12 80-95 Kg