Karakoram Prime X Splitboards Binding


Karakoram Prime X Splitboards Binding - M is expected to be shipped till mid October. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions about delivery, please contact us. info@garasplitboards.com

Karakoram Prime X Splitboard Bindinding

CNC machined completely from 7000 Series Space-Grade Aluminum.  AirPod ankle strap, asymmetric heelcup, aluminum hardware and hollow pins.  The lower inner sidewall allows for tweaks while the taller outer sidewall provides support for touring.  

The Prime-X sets a new standard for backcountry snowboarders.  Travel lighter, travel faster, ride harder.



Choice splitboard, binding, pucks, skins and when you check out you will get discount. If is any questions, contact us. info@garasplitboards.com