Solo V2 Splitboards Binding

13.950,00 Kč
By Gara

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Expected delivery from October 2022

Solo Premium V2 Splitboards Binding

Solo is a brand new splitboard binding from our workshop, which we have been developing for the last three years.
It is a rotating binding system with a unique center patented spacer segment that efficiently transfers forces between the individual skis of the splitboard while fixing their position between each other. The result is maximum elimination of movement between the skis in both their axial and lateral directions.
The simple and reliable On and off the base plate, which is highly resistant to icing, guarantees high operating comfort and precise control when riding as on a snowboard.

Include : Binding,Interface,walking mode

Made by Air Space AL 7075

Sizing :

S 7-9 US

M 9-11 US

XL 11-13 US